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Pakistani Kashmir Postal Workers Problems

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 , under | comments (0)

Kashmir's workers and there problems 

oppressed by International Finance companies and banks the state of Kashmir from the first day of its appearance on world map is failed in providing a good living standers to its population. But the recent crash of world economy has destroyed life of working class. No education, Health and terrorism is now days routine of the people. In past government services was much better then private sector. But now after the crash the situation is same on both side. Economical policies based on down sizing , privatisation and restructuring are effecting life of every one.
All governments are hand to hand at one agenda and that is to protect capitalist class. Austerity cuts and taxes are only for poor people. condition of Kashmir postal Services is also very vulnerable which is short listed for privatisation. thousands of workers are working in condition of slavery.

question = what are your problems
Answer = there are many problems we are facing but here i will mention some burning issues. from last 6 years not a single worker is appointed but 1500 workers got there retirement. with out any overtime charges we works much more time then it was fixed.
question = How Pakistan Post facilitate   workers?
answer = Not a single Hospital , problems in health allowance and even we cant charge photostat bills
question = are there contract and daily wages workers?
answer = 5000 workers are dismissed and those few workers got permanent job are waiting for there salary for one year.
question = what if government sells Pakistan Post
answer = we will fight against privatisation this is anti workers policy.