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me and my love

Thursday, 4 February 2016 , Posted by padmini rani at 08:04

The most lovely moments of my life 

That's was not plain neither he nor me were accepting the moment we both enjoyed very much.we both came at our office and start chatting our past.all of sudden he asked to show him my foot after removing my sock and shoes and he put his hand over my foot get his face closer to my foot and kiss over the paw.
this was his first kiss and this made me thinking about his feelings about me it make me confuse about his feeling about me it was first time in my life that a person gave me such importance I was confused either I accept his love or wait for a while.but nex tmoment of the chatting about this and that we stand to leave  but I don't know who started the hug in arms of each other this was a long hug I felt his lips on my lips 'cheeks and neck we geting closer and closer and more closer I don't know where he touch me but this was most beautiful moment of my I momries that moment and feel so shy but I m in love with that guy and next moment we will stand together I will must hug him and will enjoy pure love not animal feelings. Part 2

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