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me and my love part four

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Wednesday, 16 November 2016 , under | comments (0)

dear followers and readers i m going to tell you further what we did that day as i told before something i was feeling on my basic asset i was feeling both and hands on my upper body. his was plying with my asset and i was empty minded there was in my thoughts i was only enjoying that part of time there was  not a single moment that i did not enjoyed.

i want to tell you that my love who's name is Raza. is my life we going to merry next month but we have a history a two years in this section of my blog i will share all the things heppend in these two years.

me and my love part 3

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 15 November 2016 , under | comments (0)

In life of everybody there are problems . problems of different kind . from financial to social life we are accupied by problems . in a life which is a full of problem we can only gether beautiful moment .these moment keep us curigous and strong . here i am going to tell you about such beautiful moment when i was with a person whom i think i keep down beneeth my feelings and love .
Again we were riding some times slow some time very fast i was holding him tidely like i was hugging him . both were very happy  . we were feeling like two sperrows are flying in the air without any hassitation . we wre free ' happy ' tanshanless . and we reached at the room of office .first of all i removed all traditional colth ( like skarf ' jursy and abbaya ) we drank water but not both from glass. I drank from glass but him from my lips. I set down in his lap while his aram were holding my body. His chin pressing my shoulder and our cheekes were pressing each other. We were moving right and left like we were very happy and tanshan free at that moment .he slowly moved his hand from belly to up word i was trembling and was scared of coming moment when his hand will reach the place which is soft and gloomy and little puffy on my body. While sitting there i was feeling something touching down between two legs.
My dear friends and dear readers i m hope full that the things i have shared and wrote here are not complete but in parts and with hints i am trying to tell you that love is power...