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Kim Kardashian Fabulous Post-Baby Body

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Wednesday, 10 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

Kim kardashian 


Less than two months after giving birth to her second child, Kim Kardashian, 35, has already bounced back!

Me And My Love Again

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We Were Together Again 

last day he called me to join him at a special event of his life. i got ready and we ride a bike to his new office. this was quit clear that we will again come in arms of each other.

pakistan international airline other story

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Sunday, 7 February 2016 , under | comments (1)

What is to know 

Government of Pakistan under nawaz regime announcing that PIA has to pay 30 billions.

Out Side Quetta District Cout Suicide Attack Killed 10

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Saturday, 6 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

10 people killed including paramilitary soldiers by a suicide bomber:


as detail received today (7-2-2016) in morning when paramilitary solders were leaving for routine security petrol. an paramilitary official confirmed that three solders and seven civilians are dead. 

A Building Toplles In Taiwan

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Friday, 5 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

Five died in Taiwan

A power full earthquake topples a building in Taipei a city of Taiwan. As a result 5 died. it was Saturday morning people were enjoying there day and the building was full of families. About 30 persons are feared trapped in building. It create panic on the city. 

My Mehndi Style

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Rani mehndi style

Makeup is a majer part of women life .makeup she likes eyeshades lipsticks foundation maskra liner bluyshon etc .but without mahndi she feels in complete so here I am trying show u a mahndi for frount of your hands I hope u will like that .


Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Thursday, 4 February 2016 , under | comments (0)


Log to bath tak ni krty.
Suba sy rat tk ni krty.
Aik dil ha ke manta he nai.
Bat jazbat tk ni krty .
Muntazir un ka roz rehta ho.
Wo mulkat tak ni krty.
Muskrahat hai un ki jan meri.
Wo madamat tak nai krty.
Qais ke gar ma sukhy paty hai.
Log barsat tak ni krty.

me and my love

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

The most lovely moments of my life 

That's was not plain neither he nor me were accepting the moment we both enjoyed very much.we both came at our office and start chatting our past.all of sudden he asked to show him my foot after removing my sock and shoes and he put his hand over my foot get his face closer to my foot and kiss over the paw.

kuch methi yadian (sweet momeries)

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Wednesday, 3 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

Gown ki sham 

WO gown ma meri pahli sham thi darakhton ke say bahut Lamby ho chuky thy pholon ki muskarahaten thaki thaki lag Raye thi. Titlian apny masoom gharo main chup gai thi.aur jogno jag uthy thy chirrian jhund dar jhund apny pirron ki trf any lgi thi.

all antiprivatization forcess join hand to hand with PIA workers

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

Two joint action comity members are missing  

As a killing a 2 people spried on news all antiprivatization forces come hand to hand with PIA workers.
Till yet Pakistan peramedical staff' state bank of pakistan'pakistan still Pakistan railway and much more institution are with PIA and they are spreading antiprivatization moment all over the country.
Progressive youth alince is also supporting PIA workers.

too killed and 30 injurd worker of PIA in front of state

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 2 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

Abrotal attack of rangers and police 

Today pia protesters of pia were protesting against privatization.and they were going to stop the operation of pia and flight but rangers and police attack on protesters.the attack was brotl and forces were asign to kill workers the killing of 2 worker  gave rashnal understanding of real character of state and forces.
The government of Pakistan is afraid of worker moment that's why they planed such a brotal and in human attack over worker.But against there eecceptation the moment spread over the country and all other union are going to protest against government.