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basics of community nursing

The family The family is a group of intimate people emotionally involved and related either by blood'marriage or adoption .it

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me and my love part four

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Wednesday, 16 November 2016 , under | comments (0)

dear followers and readers i m going to tell you further what we did that day as i told before something i was feeling on my basic asset i was feeling both and hands on my upper body. his was plying with my asset and i was empty minded there was in my thoughts i was only enjoying that part of time there was  not a single moment that i did not enjoyed.

i want to tell you that my love who's name is Raza. is my life we going to merry next month but we have a history a two years in this section of my blog i will share all the things heppend in these two years.

me and my love part 3

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 15 November 2016 , under | comments (0)

In life of everybody there are problems . problems of different kind . from financial to social life we are accupied by problems . in a life which is a full of problem we can only gether beautiful moment .these moment keep us curigous and strong . here i am going to tell you about such beautiful moment when i was with a person whom i think i keep down beneeth my feelings and love .
Again we were riding some times slow some time very fast i was holding him tidely like i was hugging him . both were very happy  . we were feeling like two sperrows are flying in the air without any hassitation . we wre free ' happy ' tanshanless . and we reached at the room of office .first of all i removed all traditional colth ( like skarf ' jursy and abbaya ) we drank water but not both from glass. I drank from glass but him from my lips. I set down in his lap while his aram were holding my body. His chin pressing my shoulder and our cheekes were pressing each other. We were moving right and left like we were very happy and tanshan free at that moment .he slowly moved his hand from belly to up word i was trembling and was scared of coming moment when his hand will reach the place which is soft and gloomy and little puffy on my body. While sitting there i was feeling something touching down between two legs.
My dear friends and dear readers i m hope full that the things i have shared and wrote here are not complete but in parts and with hints i am trying to tell you that love is power...

Pakistani Kashmir Postal Workers Problems

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 , under | comments (0)

Kashmir's workers and there problems 

oppressed by International Finance companies and banks the state of Kashmir from the first day of its appearance on world map is failed in providing a good living standers to its population. But the recent crash of world economy has destroyed life of working class. No education, Health and terrorism is now days routine of the people. In past government services was much better then private sector. But now after the crash the situation is same on both side. Economical policies based on down sizing , privatisation and restructuring are effecting life of every one.
All governments are hand to hand at one agenda and that is to protect capitalist class. Austerity cuts and taxes are only for poor people. condition of Kashmir postal Services is also very vulnerable which is short listed for privatisation. thousands of workers are working in condition of slavery.

question = what are your problems
Answer = there are many problems we are facing but here i will mention some burning issues. from last 6 years not a single worker is appointed but 1500 workers got there retirement. with out any overtime charges we works much more time then it was fixed.
question = How Pakistan Post facilitate   workers?
answer = Not a single Hospital , problems in health allowance and even we cant charge photostat bills
question = are there contract and daily wages workers?
answer = 5000 workers are dismissed and those few workers got permanent job are waiting for there salary for one year.
question = what if government sells Pakistan Post
answer = we will fight against privatisation this is anti workers policy.


Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Monday, 29 August 2016 , under | comments (0)


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of airway caused by allergic response of bronchi resulting in reversible narrowing of airway due to bronchi construction ( spasm) congestion and thickening of walls of bronchi and accumulation of mucous.( Recurrent attack of dyspnoea and wheezing ).


There are some factors which are responsible for asthma 
1.Environmental Factors
>Change in temperature mostly cold air.
>Change in humidity_dry air.
2.Atmospheric pollutants
>cigarette ,industrial smoke, ozone, sulphur dioxide, formaldehyde.
3.ALLergen inhalation
>Food treated with sulphate, beer, wine etc.
4.Stress\Emotional upset 
>NSAIDs, blockers.
6.Strong odoure and perfumes.

What Frank Ocean has just Done

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 2 August 2016 , under , | comments (0)

Frank Ocean has done a very cool work.

What Is Capitalism ?

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Monday, 1 August 2016 , under | comments (0)

In capitalist societies wealth represent in form of accumulated commodities. so commodity is the single unit of wealth. we are going to start our study from the basic thing commodity. what is a commodity and what feature makes a thing commodity.
the first thing you have to understand about commodity is that it is something out of us. a human is not a commodity. by saying this we are actually protecting basic human right which is freedom. so the commodity is a thing which at first must satisfy any type of human need. we can say this property of a commodity its use value. so we can say at first step that any thing which has a use value is commodity. but here comes a question that if every use full thing is commodity then nature as a whole is use full and according to human needs like in air we need oxygen and it exists. if we call air a commodity we are wrong because air is not producing wealth and it existed in every economical system.
we need to understand that what is different in between use full things and commodity, the single unite of capitalism. in common worlds we can say a commodity is a use full thing which is sale-able. now we are at the point from where our investigation starts. a thing which can satisfy human need and is sale able called commodity.

exchange value means the thing can exchange herself with other thing. so today we learned three basic things
1   capitalism is a accumulation of commodities
2   a commodity has a use value
3   a commodity has exchange value

Comment faire pour créer WordPress Thème

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Monday, 4 July 2016 , under | comments (0)

Dans ce tutoriel, nous allons apprendre à créer un thème WordPress. En remplissant ce tutoriel, vous serez également en mesure de créer de nombreux thèmes pour votre blog WordPress. vous pouvez télécharger ces thèmes à votre propre blog ou pour les affaires. commençons donc. nous allons tout d'abord sélectionner un style pour votre thème. ici je vous montre quelques photos de thèmes.

comme c'est un thème élégant, nous pouvons commencer avec ce style. un autre style est ci-dessous cela est aussi un très beau postes à thème de style et toutes les autres choses sont en forme. mais ceux-ci sont la propriété d'autres concepteurs et les développeurs. donc nous avons ici allons commencer avec notre propre style. d'autres pas de copie de travail. et encore une chose doit être très clair que je suis très bon en french ( just kidding ). donc s'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi pour les weakness.lets obtenir un début. d'abord ce dont nous avons besoin est adobe Photoshop, un éditeur HTML avance, vous pouvez également utiliser un bloc-notes simple mais je vais utiliser Coda, et une version préliminaire du navigateur. dans ce tutoriel, nous allons jeter ces étapes.
1: Page d'accueil mise en page sur Photoshop.
2: après la mise en page simple
3: Commentaires Disposition
4: Basic HTML
5: Style de base
6: Finition Up Header
7: Styling poste
8: Point Break Theme
9: Finalisation thème
chaque étape est sur un nouveau poste et et certaines étapes sont encore plus alors un poste Continuer

How To Create WordPress Theme

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

In this tutorial we will learn to create a WordPress Theme. By completing this tutorial you will also be able to create many themes for your WordPress blog. you can upload these Themes to your own blog or for Business. so lets start. First of all we will select a style for your theme.
here i am showing you some pics of themes. like

this is a stylish theme we can start with this style. another style is below

this is also a very nice style theme posts and all other things are in form. but these are property of other designers and developers. so we here are going to start with our own style. not copying others work. 
and one more thing should be very clear that i am very good in English (just kidding). so please forgive me for the weakness.lets get a start. 
first of all what we need is adobe Photoshop, an advance HTML editor you also can use simple note pad but i will use Coda, and an advance version of browser.
in this tutorial we will go throw these steps. 
1: Home page layout on Photoshop.
2: Single post Layout
3: Comments Layout
4: Basic HTML
5: Basic Style
6: Finishing Up Header
7: Styling post
8: Theme Break point
9: Finalizing theme
each step is on a new post and and some steps are even longer then one post


Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Thursday, 23 June 2016 , under | comments (0)

The psyche 

In jungian psychology the personality as a whole is called the psyche.this tatin word originally meant "spirit" or "soul" but in modern times it has come to mean "mind",as in psycholgy,the science of mind.the psyche embraces all thought ,feeling,and behaviour,both conscious and functions as a guide which reglates and adapts the individual to his social and physical environment ."psychology is neither biology nor physiology nor any other science than just this knowledge of the psyche".the concept of the psyche affirms jung's primary idea that a person is a whole to begin with.he is not an assemblage of parts,each of which has been added through experience and learning much as one might furnish a house piece by piece .

Amjad Sabri's Funeral Prayer

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

Amjad Sadri Shoot Dead 

Karachi(Rani) Funeral of amjad sabri was attended by thousands of his supporters, fans and friends. He was shoot dead by two killers last day at liaqat abad.

Furqania masjid was the place where his funeral prayer (namaz e janaza ) was held. This masjid is situated in liaqat abad. Liaqat abad is the place in Karachi where He was living. Amjad Sabri will laid to rest beside his father Ghulam Farid Sadri in Paposhnagar graveyard. 

Sabri was going to a private T.V. channel’s Ramzan performance. He was 45 year old and was very famous Qawal. His death was shocking news for the country. 

community health nursing

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Sunday, 10 April 2016 , under | comments (3)

Why community health assessment and improvement planning process assessment.

To judge the value or condition of (some one or some thing) in acare for or thought way.
Moniter health
The health system and policy minister is an innovative platform that provides a detailed description of health system.
Diagnose and investigate 
Diagnose and investigate health problems and health hazards in the community.

Kim Kardashian Fabulous Post-Baby Body

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Wednesday, 10 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

Kim kardashian 


Less than two months after giving birth to her second child, Kim Kardashian, 35, has already bounced back!

Me And My Love Again

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

We Were Together Again 

last day he called me to join him at a special event of his life. i got ready and we ride a bike to his new office. this was quit clear that we will again come in arms of each other.

pakistan international airline other story

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Sunday, 7 February 2016 , under | comments (1)

What is to know 

Government of Pakistan under nawaz regime announcing that PIA has to pay 30 billions.

Out Side Quetta District Cout Suicide Attack Killed 10

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Saturday, 6 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

10 people killed including paramilitary soldiers by a suicide bomber:


as detail received today (7-2-2016) in morning when paramilitary solders were leaving for routine security petrol. an paramilitary official confirmed that three solders and seven civilians are dead. 

A Building Toplles In Taiwan

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Friday, 5 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

Five died in Taiwan

A power full earthquake topples a building in Taipei a city of Taiwan. As a result 5 died. it was Saturday morning people were enjoying there day and the building was full of families. About 30 persons are feared trapped in building. It create panic on the city. 

My Mehndi Style

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

Rani mehndi style

Makeup is a majer part of women life .makeup she likes eyeshades lipsticks foundation maskra liner bluyshon etc .but without mahndi she feels in complete so here I am trying show u a mahndi for frount of your hands I hope u will like that .


Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Thursday, 4 February 2016 , under | comments (0)


Log to bath tak ni krty.
Suba sy rat tk ni krty.
Aik dil ha ke manta he nai.
Bat jazbat tk ni krty .
Muntazir un ka roz rehta ho.
Wo mulkat tak ni krty.
Muskrahat hai un ki jan meri.
Wo madamat tak nai krty.
Qais ke gar ma sukhy paty hai.
Log barsat tak ni krty.

me and my love

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

The most lovely moments of my life 

That's was not plain neither he nor me were accepting the moment we both enjoyed very much.we both came at our office and start chatting our past.all of sudden he asked to show him my foot after removing my sock and shoes and he put his hand over my foot get his face closer to my foot and kiss over the paw.

kuch methi yadian (sweet momeries)

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Wednesday, 3 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

Gown ki sham 

WO gown ma meri pahli sham thi darakhton ke say bahut Lamby ho chuky thy pholon ki muskarahaten thaki thaki lag Raye thi. Titlian apny masoom gharo main chup gai thi.aur jogno jag uthy thy chirrian jhund dar jhund apny pirron ki trf any lgi thi.

all antiprivatization forcess join hand to hand with PIA workers

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

Two joint action comity members are missing  

As a killing a 2 people spried on news all antiprivatization forces come hand to hand with PIA workers.
Till yet Pakistan peramedical staff' state bank of pakistan'pakistan still Pakistan railway and much more institution are with PIA and they are spreading antiprivatization moment all over the country.
Progressive youth alince is also supporting PIA workers.

too killed and 30 injurd worker of PIA in front of state

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 2 February 2016 , under | comments (0)

Abrotal attack of rangers and police 

Today pia protesters of pia were protesting against privatization.and they were going to stop the operation of pia and flight but rangers and police attack on protesters.the attack was brotl and forces were asign to kill workers the killing of 2 worker  gave rashnal understanding of real character of state and forces.
The government of Pakistan is afraid of worker moment that's why they planed such a brotal and in human attack over worker.But against there eecceptation the moment spread over the country and all other union are going to protest against government.

my new poem

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Sunday, 31 January 2016 , under | comments (0)


Chand ko teer marny wlo 
Chandni ko bhi cho na pao gye.
Asman sy zamin talak.
Tum sakoon be khai na pao gye.
Tum munafiq ho apni karmo ma.
Kis tra sy jeet peo gye.
Ma ny dunia sy lar ke jeeta hai.
Jeet ko tum mita na peo gye.
Meri taqdeer ma ojala hai.
Tum andhiro ma mary jwo gye.

dil ki pukhar

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Friday, 29 January 2016 , under | comments (0)


Un ka inkar mar deta hai.
Dil ma khanjar utar dta hai.
Sans lny ko jee ni krta.
Is tra ka pyar deta hai.
Un sy khena ke akhari dam ma.
Un ki tasweer apni ankho ma.
Dobty aftab ki manend.
Aik din mai  be doob jwo gya.
Loat kr fair kbi na awo ga .
Meri marqad py atna likh dna.
Wajah mout  "ik tera inkar".

v.gordon childe part 2

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Thursday, 28 January 2016 , under | comments (0)

History of nature 

Ninteenth century was the century progress and it was accepted  by everyone. The trade was expanding all over the word. Industries were troducing more than ever wealth was accumulating scientists were discovering more and more the human was controlling nature in advance position but in twentyth century was shocking.
Word war and subsequent crises destroy optimism.

What happend? To that optimtist word?
To ans these question we should turn to history how v.Gordon childe express the history and how sloved these doubts I will write in next my artical.

kuch meethi yadien (sweet memories) part 2

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Wednesday, 27 January 2016 , under | comments (0)

Mera gawn

Din ko tapta sehara chandi ki tra chamkta aur sham dalty he ak maa ki tra apni thandi aghosh main lany ko betab mera gawn.jia py bus rokhti thi wha sy ak lelhati hoi pag dandi kesi naznen ki tra balkhati jis py athkelian krti meri sehalian mujy both yad ati this nana ke gar akub ma darakhton ka jhund aur mera jhula Jo ke sirf  aik radio par mushtamil tha merit khushiyon ka me hear that.

v.gordon childe and prehistory

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 26 January 2016 , under | comments (0)

V.Gordon childe a great Prehistorian

The history we don't know about and even that is not in writen formate is known as prehistory.
It was a theory that some rasis and nation are better and good in their nature. But v.Gordon children was first prehistorian who challenged this theory and even hitler. What he said about history that all dependent on metaril bases of  society and economical condition of society and in modern times the development of society depends on class contradiction. 
Here i am starting a introductory artical about v.Gordon childe and his point of view about history.


muhabbat guftgoo hai

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Monday, 25 January 2016 , under | comments (0)


Muhabbat bat krti hai .
Suba sy rat krti ho.
Mery angan ke pholown ko .
WO titly mat krti hai.
Mujy miti ki khushbo sy muhabbat hai.
Mera ya kam to bus ik barsat krti hai.
Sechy jazbo sy dunia badli jti hai.
Ya sechi kawash akher ma inkalabat krti hai.
Ma rani ho mery rango ki koi had ni sahib .
Meri zalfo ki rangini kais sy bat krti ha.
Its my first ghazal plzz apreciat my effort.

yda strike passed 3rd day

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on , under | comments (0)

Sindh goverment's are human behaviour lead some doctors to a movement 

Young doctors specialy on house jop doctors on strick for last 3days .they are demanding their sellries are pending for last 6 months.doctors are shouting against scerpry help and qaim ali shah .police tried to difpurf them but unity of doctors and their courage of doctors made police sdep back .doctors said that they will not rejoin their dutys until they will not get their sellries .today it was 3rd day of their strick but government is not responding we appeal every worker of the word to support them.
Workers of the word unite.

kuch methee yedien (sweet memories)

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 , under | comments (0)

Mera gawn 

Aj be wo din mujy achi tra yad hai jab mery gar ma mujy yhi khushkhabri sunai jati thi ke hum sub gar wly gawn ja Raye ha .ma apna bag kamry ma rakh ke taqribn nachna shoro kr dati this .mera gawn meri jan tha ais ke khait ais ke darakth ain darakhton pr bandy jholy kachi deewarin mery nana meri Khalaen mery mamoo sub mujy both pyerey thy .isi lay gawn ka nam sunty he ma jhoom uthti thi both sary dino ki tra aj be mujy ya khushkhabri sunhi gai thi aur ma school ki thakan aur apni bhok bhol gai thi aj ma both dino ke bd apny pyary nana sy milny ja Raye this .
Aj ma is khushi ma tez tez bol raye this mujy dil ma reh reh kr ak   khwahish jag rye thi ke mery kapry jaldi sy tabdil ho jye mery bal sanwar jye aur koi jaldi sy mujy ais bus ma betha dy Jo mery gown jti ho magar aisa koi chamatkar ni hota tha mujy gown tk jny ke ly WO sary kam khud krny prty thy ab ma agly hisay ma gown ke bary ma tafseel sy btwo GI .

grenade attack in karachi

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Sunday, 17 January 2016 , under | comments (0)

Karachi on attack 

grenade attack injured 9 children this Saturday in lyari chakiwara.after the attack police launched search operation but no suspect found these days Sindhi d.g. bledged on going operation a logical end .
We will inform for further updates.

fruit aur ap ka husn

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Friday, 15 January 2016 , under | comments (0)


Limoo ki tra kinoo be vitamin c ke hasool ka ak aham zarhia ha .kinoo ka goda fruit mase banany ke ly istamal kia ja sakta ha jab ke ais ke chilkoon ko dhoop main sokhany ke bad piece kar facial mask istamal kia ja sakta ha .taza kinoo ke chilky nail aur skin pr malney sy nail ki dust ko khtam krny aur skin ke rang ko halka krny ma madad milti hey. 

basics of community nursing part 2

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Wednesday, 13 January 2016 , under | comments (0)

Types of family 

It is known as conjugal family. This type of family consist of husband wife and their unmarried children this type is very

basics of community nursing

Posted by Posted by padmini rani on Tuesday, 12 January 2016 , under , , , , | comments (0)

The family

The family is a group of intimate people emotionally involved and related either by blood'marriage or adoption .it