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The family The family is a group of intimate people emotionally involved and related either by blood'marriage or adoption .it

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The psyche 

In jungian psychology the personality as a whole is called the psyche.this tatin word originally meant "spirit" or "soul" but in modern times it has come to mean "mind",as in psycholgy,the science of mind.the psyche embraces all thought ,feeling,and behaviour,both conscious and functions as a guide which reglates and adapts the individual to his social and physical environment ."psychology is neither biology nor physiology nor any other science than just this knowledge of the psyche".the concept of the psyche affirms jung's primary idea that a person is a whole to begin with.he is not an assemblage of parts,each of which has been added through experience and learning much as one might furnish a house piece by piece .

Amjad Sabri's Funeral Prayer

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Amjad Sadri Shoot Dead 

Karachi(Rani) Funeral of amjad sabri was attended by thousands of his supporters, fans and friends. He was shoot dead by two killers last day at liaqat abad.

Furqania masjid was the place where his funeral prayer (namaz e janaza ) was held. This masjid is situated in liaqat abad. Liaqat abad is the place in Karachi where He was living. Amjad Sabri will laid to rest beside his father Ghulam Farid Sadri in Paposhnagar graveyard. 

Sabri was going to a private T.V. channel’s Ramzan performance. He was 45 year old and was very famous Qawal. His death was shocking news for the country.