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Me And My Love Again

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 , Posted by padmini rani at 06:12

We Were Together Again 

last day he called me to join him at a special event of his life. i got ready and we ride a bike to his new office. this was quit clear that we will again come in arms of each other.
but i was not expecting such a beautiful moment again and on a more better step. we not only hugged but we enjoyed very much more then a hug.
so as we reached at office he asked me to remove my shoes and sheet i was using to cover me up. i removed and in a moment i hugged him so tidily. i felt him so closer and i also felt his man ship on me. we started kissing he kissed me on my all uncover parts. and get more passionate. he he picked me up from the floor and i also tided my arms and lay down my head over his shoulder. this was more relexing moment of my life. 
we sit down on one chair. means i was in his lap. he was playing with my hands and my neck. he slowly dragged his hand on my neck to my back bone. i was quit unconscious. but we enjoyed. we both are in love. i wish a happy life with him. 

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