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Out Side Quetta District Cout Suicide Attack Killed 10

Saturday, 6 February 2016 , Posted by padmini rani at 21:57

10 people killed including paramilitary soldiers by a suicide bomber:


as detail received today (7-2-2016) in morning when paramilitary solders were leaving for routine security petrol. an paramilitary official confirmed that three solders and seven civilians are dead. 

in this attack 40 people injured including 15 paramilitary solders. and 25 civilians. a 12 year old girl was also killed in attack. 8 people were killed on the spot and other injured. killed paramilitary solders were employs of F.C. 
suicide bomber was on bicycle and near the F.C. truck he blew him up. TTP spokesman Muhammad Khurasani claimed responsibility of the attack. the attack was took place on iqbal road, multan chowk near district court.
explosion was so powerful and officials told 8 kg of explosion material was used in the bomb. some body parts of killed people were recovered from backyard of the court building. 12 year old girl was in rikshaw and was killed. an eye witness tolled. there were two other women in the rikshaw but fortunately they remain save and untouched. the name of the killed girl was samreen.

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