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Depression Relief Movies

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 , Posted by padmini rani at 14:25

Depression is a common problem. In this growing depressing financial situation we are even losing love of our beloved's. Here I prefer you few movies to get out of a depress situation.
the first movie i am going to prefer is

  ''Life of Pi''

In this movie Pi full name Piscine Molitor was moving to Canada with his family. While crossing Mariana Trench on a Japanese freighter during a storm Shipwrecks and he only survives. This movie is at one side tale of survivor which encourages you, on the other hand it is graphically very rich movie. I think this is the best movie which helps you to over come depression.


Amélie a mother less 18 year girl is finding happiness in her life. She tries many ways (by the way you can find ways to make you happy). after a long struggle she finds her love and movie ends on a romantic night with her love Nino.
this movie encourage you to find things make you happy. this is another good creative movie helping release depression.

Silver Linings Playbook

Relationship problem is a very common cause of depression. every 3rd person suffer through this problem in human life. Silver Linings Playbook is a best solution to understand the problem and to over come the problem. 
In this movie a very happy couple change into to different persons. Even husband was put to clinic for mental problems. how he come out and how he finds happiness in his life with a widow having same relationship problem. must watch

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